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Discover the professionals of Sam Medical Center Of America.

Our Medical Director

Dr. Samuel “Sam” Antwi, FNP-BC, Ph.D is the medical director of Sam Medical Center of America. Dr. Antwi was trained at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Institute of Health Professions, Boston, Massachusetts. 

Dr. Antwi had his clinical internship (residency) at the Mass General Hospital Boston, UMASS Family Medical Center, Worcester; Family Doctors, Swampscott; Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, Jamaice Plain; Garden City Pediatrics, Bevely; and Meeks & Zilberfarb Orthopedics, Brookline all in Massachusetts. 

As a board certified and licensed family nurse practitioner, Dr. Antwi serves as a primary care provider (PCP), and therefore, provides primary care services to patients of all ages. Dr. Antwi also specializes in medical weight loss management. Dr. Antwi is a proud member of the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA), formerly American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP).

Besides the United States, Dr. Antwi has a broad international working experience. He speaks English, German, Twi, among other languages.